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Don't miss the emblematic sites of the Kaysersberg valley

If you spend your holidays in the Kaysersberg valley, you’re bound to hear about these emblematic sites: monuments, natural areas, places of remembrance… these are all places that contribute to the identity of our region.

So if you want to get to know our beautiful region better, you’ve got to pay a visit: are you ready?

La Tour du Faudé à Lapoutroie dans le Pays Welche : point de vue

# The Faudé Tower

On the heights of Orbey and Lapoutroie, the Tour du Faudé dominates the landscape! It is reached by a family-friendly hiking trail (ideal for a family outing). Climb the steps to the top of the tower and enjoy the breathtaking 360° view!

Randonnée à l'Etang de Devin au Bonhomme en Alsace : petite pause avec une carte de randonnée sur un banc

# The Devin pond

The Etang du Devin is one of those places where the expression “communion with nature” takes on its full meaning. The peat bog, classified as a protected natural area, is home to exceptional flora and fauna. Soak up the atmosphere and the silence, observe and blend into the landscape…

Le château de Kaysersberg au coeur des vignes en Alsace : balade à vélo

# The castle of Kaysersberg

It’s undoubtedly the emblem of the town of Kaysersberg! The imperial town is proud of its castle, one of the most recognisable in Alsace, which dominates the vineyards and seems to protect the town. Did you know that? Access to the castle is free, and we strongly recommend that you climb the 122 steps of the tower for a breathtaking panoramic view of the Schlossberg Grand Cru!

Monument su Galtz à Trois-Epis : randonnée

# The Galtz monument

A Rio de Janeiro atmosphere in the hills above Ammerschwihr! The monumental Christ watches over the surrounding villages and is the perfect goal for a walk in the forest.

La Tête des Faux à Le Bonhomme, un lieu chargé d'Histoire

# The Tête des Faux

This place of remembrance, only accessible on foot, is nestled in the heart of the forest. Visiting this place is like plunging into the past: numerous relics line the route.

Le château du Wineck surplombant les vignes à Katzenthal en Alsace : vignoble et château

# The Wineck castle

Nestling in the heart of the vineyards, on its rocky spur, it watches over the village of Katzenthal. Château du Wineck is one of those places where you can go, sit on a bench and enjoy the moment.

Eglise Sainte-Croix à Kaysersberg et son Christ monumental

# The church of Sainte-Croix

You can recognise its steeple from afar, but the treasure of the Church of Sainte-Croix can only be discovered when you push open its doors. The 4,25m high Christ on the Cross and its carved wooden altarpiece dating from 1518 are sure to capture your attention…

# The Lac Blanc

It needs no introduction – and yet! The Lac Blanc is an ancient glacial cirque on the heights of Orbey, close to the Route des Crêtes. It gets its name from the colour of its water, which makes you want to cool off! But make no mistake, its crystal-clear waters are not open to bathing, but are ideal for contemplation!

Randonnée autour du Lac Noir à Orbey

# The Lac Noir

Less well known than the Lac Blanc next door, the Lac Noir is an ideal place for hiking. Choose the short tour of the Lac Noir and take the path that crosses the rocks: a pretty viewpoint awaits you!

Nécropole Nationale de Sigolsheim

# The Sigolsheim Necropolis

At the entrance to the Kaysersberg valley, on the heights of the Sigolsheim vineyards, stands the National Necropolis on the Bluttberg hill. A place of battle during the Second World War, a place of meditation and spirituality today, it is also a landscape that embraces the mountains, the vineyards, the plain and the Black Forest. Go there, you’ll understand!

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