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The highlights in the Kaysersberg valley

The highlights in the Kaysersberg valley

Numerous events punctuate the seasons in the Kaysersberg valley: local craft markets, festivals, sporting events, traditional celebrations, concerts, Christmas markets... join in the fun!

Confrérie Saint Etienne à Kientzheim

# The Chapters of the Confrérie St Etienne in Kientzheim

The Confrérie opens its doors to you throughout the year and allows you to participate in its solemn chapters: prestigious evenings that celebrate the wines of Alsace. You will taste great wines, take part in wine competitions and attend the induction ceremony. A gala dinner, with fine food and wine pairings of course, will close the evening.

Chapter dates: once a month or quarterly depending on the period

# Easter market in Kaysersberg

In spring, the streets of the town of Kaysersberg come alive with their most beautiful colours! Primroses, daffodils, tulips and pansies bloom in the courtyard of the Arsenal and create a festive setting for the Kaysersberg Easter market! The craftsmen then take over the outdoor sheds while the decorated eggs are displayed in the Arsenal hall.

Market dates: 15 days before Easter

Marché de Pâques à Kaysersberg en Alsace : décorations sur la fontaine
Festival du jeu de rôle Kaysersberg en Alsace

# Role-playing festival in Kaysersberg

For more than 15 years now, the Nickel Association has been organising the role-playing festival in the town of Kaysersberg. Throughout the town, numerous events are organised throughout the weekend: a “rolistico-fantasy” market, book signings, paper and miniature role-playing games in different universes, a tombola and even an escape game. In the heart of the imperial city, don’t be surprised to come across life-size characters, straight out of a fantasy universe…

Dates of the role-playing festival: first weekend in May

Trail du Pays Welche à Orbey en Alsace : course à pied dans les montagnes

# Trail du Pays Welche in Orbey

The Trail du Pays Welche is a mountain race that kicks off the trail season in Alsace. A mountain race par excellence, it demands excellent physical condition: the magnificent mountain landscapes it traverses are well worth the effort!

There are several routes to choose from: a 52km race with a vertical drop of 2,480 m, the 26km “mini trail les Balcons d’Orbey” with a vertical drop of 1,020 m, and a 10km route (440 D+) called “La Tour du Faudé”.

Date: early July

# Harvest festival in Fréland

Fancy a trip down memory lane? The Harvest Festival is first and foremost a popular festival, with a festive and convivial atmosphere. It’s also a celebration of the skills and crafts of yesteryear. Watch the flails being threshed, admire the basket weavers at work, and be amazed by the precision and ingenuity of the woodworkers! A folk procession and a folk dance performance also provide entertainment.

Date: a Sunday at the end of July

Fête de la moisson Fréland
Traditions paysannes Oh les Welches Le Bonhomme en Alsace - bûcherons

# Oh les Welches at Le Bonhomme

Formerly known as “Traditions paysannes”, the Oh les Welches event is an opportunity to discover the skills and crafts of the valley. Numerous demonstrations of local crafts and tastings of local produce will take you back in time!

Date: a Sunday in mid-August

Kaysersberg et son marché des potiers début septembre - artisans potiers

# Potters’ market in Kaysersberg

Now in its 20th year, the potters’ market has become a not-to-be-missed event in Kaysersberg! Every year, it brings together around forty potters and ceramists from all over France and sometimes even from other European countries. It’s a great opportunity to find unique, high-quality pieces, but also to be surprised by the creativity of the artisans! Demonstrations will give you an insight into their skills: firing techniques, throwing, stringing jars, etc. A new event is organised every year!

Date: 1st weekend in September

# Entrelacs: Basket makers’ market in Orbey

Are you familiar with basketry? Come and meet the craftspeople who perpetuate this art with passion and creativity at the Orbey Basketmakers’ Market. From all over France and even Europe, these craftspeople will be showing off their creations and sharing a little of their technique through demonstrations.

Date: one weekend in September

Orbey : marché des vanniers

# European Heritage Days in the Kaysersberg valley

During Heritage Days, the museums and sites of the Kaysersberg valley open their doors to you. Visit unusual sites that are rarely open to the public, such as the Abbaye d’Alspach in Kaysersberg (a Romanesque abbey located in the grounds of a paper factory), the Tour des Bourgeois, the Tour des Fripons and the chapel of Saint Wendelin in Ammerschwihr, or the Confrérie Saint-Etienne (and its fantastic wine library) in Kientzheim.

Date: a weekend in mid-September

Abbaye d'Alspach à Kaysersberg
Munster du Pays Welche - fromagerie Haxaire :

# Munster cheese festival in the Welche region of Lapoutroie

Every year, in the hills above the Kaysersberg valley, we celebrate Munster cheese! The star of mountain cheeses in the Vosges mountains, Munster is celebrated with farm visits, tastings, cookery demonstrations, cow milking and more. The “Munster Festival” in Lapoutroie takes place at 5 venues, including farms and cheese dairies.

Date: 1st Sunday in October

Marché de Noël authentique de Kaysersberg - vin chaud

# Kaysersberg Christmas Market

The Kaysersberg Christmas Market needs no introduction: its reputation is well established.

It brings together around thirty exhibitors showcasing their handmade creations in their wooden sheds, nestling in the Cour de l’Arsenal and behind the church. We guarantee you won’t find anything made in China! On the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, producers from the Kaysersberg valley will be selling their local produce at the farmers’ market: cheeses, honey, cold meats, gingerbread, mulled wine and other sweet and savoury treats for which the region is famous.

Dates: Friday to Sunday during the 4 Advent weekends (end of November – December)

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