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Trusted local experts

Quèsaco ???
Madam, Sir and dear visitors,

Gone is the time of the tourist information centers where you were greeted by a beautiful “receptionist”, who was standing and acting as a kind of green plant, and would give you a map of the city with a pretty smile!

Make room for the new Tourist Office in which receptionists and vacation advisors are now called:

« trustworthy local experts » and « enlightened advisers »

L'équipe des experts locaux de confiance de l'office de tourisme de la vallée de Kaysersberg
Les experts locaux de confiance de l'office de tourisme de la vallée de Kaysersberg

A short explanation of the text is needed:

  • an expert = someone who has acquired an enormous skill and know-how in a profession, a discipline with the help of a long experience

  • local = particular  to a place, a region, a country

  • trustworthy = confidence, boldness, courage which comes from the knowledge of one’s own personal worth. The state of mind of a person who fully trusts someone or something else.

  • advisers= people, often specialized, to whom we turn to for an opinion on a question, about a precise topic. An insight on a specific way of acting that comes up when referring to another topic. Incitement: Listen to the guidance given from experience.

  • enlightenment: to make something clearer, more comprehensible, to explain it : A commentary that explains a the context of a written text.


Yes, working in a tourist office is a real job.

Yes, the mission of a trustworthy local expert is to share his/her own experience.

Yes, the trustworthy local expert knows what his/her territory has to offer.

Yes, the trustworthy local expert advises visitors in a subjective way.

Yes, the trustworthy local expert reassures visitors.

Yes, the trustworthy local expert gives « enlightened » advice.

Yes, the trustworthy local expert thanks to her/his personal experiences will know how to sell his/her territory.

Look at us in another light, come meet us, push open the door to our offices in Kaysersberg Vignoble, in Orbey, and in Lac Blanc.

Come in! Come in ! All the trustworthy local experts of the Tourist Office in the Valley of Kaysersberg (Candice, Mailis, Perrine, Elise, Martine, Aurélie C, Aurélie F, Sandra, Mathieu, Christophe) are stamping their feet with impatience to welcome you.

We are going together to concoct you a trip to your specifications!

See you soon and be convinced: in our region and also in yours!

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