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Top 3 walks to do this autumn


Experience a colourful autumn to the rhythm of walking

In the Kaysersberg valley, autumn is much more than just a season – it’s a life-size spectacle!

And it’s during the month of October that it reveals its full potential.

In a three-beat rhythm, it first settles on the heights. At over 1000m altitude, the landscapes around the lakes take on a Canadian air. The journey continues in the vineyards. At the end of the harvest, they are decked out in shimmering colours before their winter rest. The last to take their leave are the deciduous trees. More slowly, they reveal landscapes that are as sumptuous as they are colourful.

We’ve selected the 3 must-do walks for you this autumn in the Kaysersberg valley. Get your boots on and off you go!

Tour of the lakes

It’s a hike that needs no introduction, yet each season brings a different trail. Autumn is undoubtedly our favourite season for (re)discovering it. It’s at altitude, in a highly colourful setting, where you can admire nature reflected in the water of the lakes.

The flamboyant landscapes create contrasts of unparalleled beauty. You’ll have to see it to believe it! Get ready for a change of scenery!

Our favourite: the breathtaking scenery at the foot of Lac des Truites

  • Distance: 12.6km
  • Difference in altitude: 597m
  • Level: difficult

The Faudé tower

At the summit of the Grand Faudé, between Orbey and Lapoutroie, the Tour du Faudé rises to an altitude of 773m. Just as the sea has its lighthouse, the Pays Welche has its belvedere, easily identifiable from near and far. The low autumn light makes the forest, which is mainly made up of tall pine trees, look like something out of a fairytale. At the top of the tower, 70m above the ground, you can enjoy a 360° view of the explosion of colours over the mountains of the Vosges massif.

Our favourite: climb up in the early hours of the morning to admire the sunrise over the autumn landscape.

  • Distance: 7.9km
  • Difference in altitude: 327 m
  • Level: intermediate

From Ammerschwihr to the summit of Galtz

Autumn in the vineyard is something we wouldn’t miss for the world. But beware, once the vines are no longer bearing fruit, the change comes quickly. The green of the leaves gives way to a yellow-orange hue before they turn brown and fall off. It’s from the summit of the Galtz that you can admire the Alsatian vineyards decked out in their finest finery. Like a golden carpet unfurling at the foot of the building representing Christ, the spectacle is breathtaking.

Our favourite part: capturing the moment when the whole vineyard is at its most beautiful.

  • Distance: 9.4km
  • Difference in altitude: 491m
  • Level: intermediate

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