Our craftsmen are talented!

The excellence of Alsatian gastronomy in the Kaysersberg valley

In Alsace, gastronomy is an art of living! Quality products, respect for the seasons, the art of preparation, respect for traditions, creativity and rigor are the bases of Alsatian cuisine that many envy us.

As proof, our craftsmen and restaurant owners are recognized beyond our region, sometimes even internationally. Every year, numerous distinctions reward their know-how and their excellence. Here is a review of some of the titles obtained in recent months by our Alsatian artisans.

Best French beer for Brasserie Bisaigue

The Brasserie Bisaigue of Kaysersberg had the honour of receiving a gold medal in the "Gose" category as well as the title of Best French Beer by the prestigious Brussels Beer Challenge, an international reference competition with 1800 beers tasted and 41 countries represented. The award-winning beer, Marius Beer, was created at the Chambard bar in Kaysersberg with Jean-Baptiste Klein, sommelier at Olivier Nasti's Table. A beautiful and successful collaboration, congratulations to them!

Congratulations to Brasserie Bisaigue for their award for Best French Beer, © photo: Brasserie Bisaigue

Alexandre Zoccolan, 23 years old, of the restaurant Julien Binz in Ammerschwihr

Winner of the national final of the 12th edition of the Maitres Restaurateurs young talent contest on November 21, 2022


For the past 4 years, this competition has been highlighting the territories and the talent of young people with the transmission of know-how. 

Alexandre Zoccolan in the center. Photo credit L'Hôtellerie-Restauration

Olivier Nasti's Table in Kaysersberg in the top 1,000 of La Liste

Congratulations to Chef Olivier Nasti (Hôtel-restaurants Spa Le Chambard) who, once again this year, has placed his exceptional restaurant in the top 1,000 of world gastronomy and is the first Alsatian in the ranking!

Olivier Nasti named Knight of the National Order of Merit

Olivier Nasti, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, has just been named Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Mérite, by the national society of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, on November 24, 2022.

Olivier Nasti wins the title of Chef of the Year 2023

The starred chef Olivier Nasti of the restaurant Le Chambard in Kaysersberg is awarded the title of Chef of the Year 2023 by the Gault et Milllau guide on November 29, 2022

Olivier Nasti, Best Worker in France 2007

Jordan Gasco, Pastry Chef of the Chambard in Kayserbserg

Congratulations to Jordan Gasco, elected Pastry Chef of the Year 2022 by Le Chef magazine. A source of pride for his entire team

Jordan Gasco, Pastry Chef La Table d'Olivier Nasti. Photo credit Le Chambard

Jérôme Jaeglé, starred chef of the Alchémille restaurant in Kaysersberg

Jérôme Jaeglé, starred chef of the Alchémille restaurant in Kaysersberg, received the 2023 Table to Explore award from the World's Best Restaurant List on November 29, 2022.

Jérôme Jaeglé; restaurant; Alsace: Alchémille;List; Kayssersberg
Jérôme Jaeglé, received the 2023 Table to Explore award from the List. Photo Credit : Alchémille

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