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Did you know that…Alsace is the only French vineyards to predominantly produce white wines? And not in the least! Get rid of the old legend that said white Alsatian wines give headaches…Today, our wine growers don’t need to blush of their know-how because we snatch up Alsatian wines from all the finest restaurants and the noteworthy events!

And for the basic reason that the Alsatian vines possess numerous virtues:

  • A natural protection, the Vosges Mountains, that protects the vineyards from oceanic influences and westerly winds
  • A semi-continental, with these dry, hot and sunny summers; we benefit from the least amount of rainfall in France. (Yes, this is true! Just look at the city of Colmar!)
  • An ideal exposition for the vines on hillsides some soils and subsoils particularly favorable: granites, clay, calcium, volcanic, sandstone, and marly.

This wide range of qualities allow the different grapes ( Riesling, Gewurztramier etc..) to fully blossom, guaranteeing an Alsatian wine production that has an aromatic complexity and a great finesse.

But it is better to come here to realize it for yourself, open the door to a cellar and to talk to a wine grower around a small glass of Alsatian white!


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