Distillation has become strictly controlled since the 1950s. In the past, throughout spring and summer, fruits from the orchards are picked in order to leave to ferment until the winter, distillation season. In Alsace, each person possessed its own still and each one distilled its Schnaps because each home had the right to distill 10 liters (3 gallons) which the home distiller did not pay.

Today, these traditions are transmitted from generation to generation and thankfully, this craft was preserved. Among the wide range of Eaux de Vie, there is the Mirabelle plum,  Williams pear, the Marc,  cherry,  raspberry,  plum liqueur and apple, all of which must ripen at least three years in a carboy before it can be tasted.

In the Kaysersberg Valley, it is the village of Lapoutroie where you can learn all the production techniques for making old fashioned spirits. It is notably in this small village that you can find « fée verte » (Green Fairy) or known under the name of absinthe, Emile Zola or even Vincent Van Gogh knew about this drink. More recently, Lapoutroie in Alsace is equally the famous place for the production of Ginger vodka.

Don’t wait to smell the scent of these « eaux de vies » but be careful, to be done with moderation!

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