Wake up the Roger Federer in you!

How about playing tennis with your friends? Wake up the tennis champion in you and try out the various tennis courts in the Kaysersberg Valley!

On synthetic grass in Orbey, on green set or French court in Kaysersberg, or in green set (Indoor) or clay in Hachimette, you will find the court that suits you.

Rental per hour or per week, tennis courts available all day long. Deposit of 20 € for the key - rental from 10 to 20 € per hour and from 25 to 50 € per week depending on the tennis court.

Information and reservation at the tourist offices of Kaysersberg and Orbey . For more information, call 03 89 78 22 78 or send an e-mail to

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Location de courts de tennis dans la vallée de Kaysersberg

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