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Kaysersberg Valley an ideal field for running

Feet on the Ground

The Kaysersberg Valley is chock-full of stony trails, winding, steep and shady paths, ideal for outdoor sports lovers and  for practicing running.  This is a discipline which can be practiced all year long.

Panoramic views of the mountains or vines on the hillside, the views are diversified, for varied levels of difficulty

 The proof of passion sparked off by running and its vitality in the Kaysersberg Valley is marked by  two races which are organized during the summer season :

The Welche Country Trail :  A mountain path race  is organized in mid-July leaving from Orbey with a run   of 50 km ( 31 miles) in distance   for the most experienced.

 « Les crête vosgiennes » (the Mountain-Summit Race) takes place at the end of August on the stubble field trails. This is a breathtaking race from all points of view.

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L'équipe de l'office de tourisme de la vallée de Kaysersberg au 1er marathon de Colmar !

Don’t look farther than the Kaysersberg Valley, it is really awesome !

Because we have a few ‘runners’ on the tourism office team, we will share with your gamefield paths.

Johanna trained on the following paths in order to prepare for a semi-marathon, that of Colmar on September 2015

GPX files to download and to test with her sneakers.

Departure from Kaysersberg, towards the castle, the Toggenbach pond, the vines then return by the city (to do in the evening for an incredible sunset !)

Deer and foxes will be your racing partners ! 8,5 km ( 5 miles) -150 D+

Leave from Kaysersberg towards Kientzheim then Sigolsheim and return via Ammerschwihr and Kaysersberg. The pearls of the winery circuit, between vines and ramparts

The first semi-marathon of Colmar race Leave Place Rapp in Colmar (Be careful, certain roads were shut down for traffic)

21km (13 miles) -no difference in height-a few « hard » steep uphills in the vine paths

The Mathieu, Mathias, and Christophe paths will arrive soon !

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