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Char de combat, poche de Colmar, Vallée de Kaysersberg, Alsace, France, guerre mondiale, nécropole, sigolsheim
Vestige des combats hiver 1944 à Kientzheim

Remains from battles in the  winter of 1944 in Kientzheim

The Kaysersberg Valley, by its geographic situation, often found itself in the heart of the conflicts opposing the biggest Western powers. A number of combats bruised its soils and the scars from these two world conflicts are still visible today.

The most important remains are those from the First World War where  the combats took place essentially in the Vosges mountains. Incidentally, Memorial of the Linge near Orbey conserved and maintains the guts of the combat lines and tunnels poignant witnesses of the trench warfare.

Taken in the grips of the Second World War, the valley once again was the theater of terrible clashes.. The National Necropole of Sigolsheim and the military cemetery are as many constant reminders of   the difficult combats for the liberation of Colmar at the time of winter 1944.

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