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Eglise de Lapoutroie


Connoisseurs of  Eaux de vie , liqueurs  and of good Munster cheese ? Welcome to the Lapoutroie !

Located in the heart of the valley, where  distillation is  deeply rooted,  Lapoutroie village benefits from a large number of orchards allowing on site  production !

This is the case with the Miclo Distillerie which offers a guided interactive and educational  tour, a didactic garden and in addition a free and convival  tasting !

A little further up in the village, the Museum of Eau de vie and Liqueurs packed with important collections retracing the history of eau de vie and other Schnaps!

In the heart of the village, you can also visit the Brasserie du Pays Welche to discover the secrets of brewing local beer.

Finally, the Haxaire Cheese Factory invites you to discover the production of our famous Munster cheese! Taste and savor our Munster cheese as well as our cheese specialties in a place laden with history and authenticity!

Feel like getting some fresh air? Lapoutroie is the ideal place! Numerous treks go through and leave from here! A few fields and woods to cross in order to fall onto a charming a « ferme auberge » (a rural inn), where a delicious meals waiting for trekkers!


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