Need a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery in the mountains ? Labaroche is the place for you!

Located at an altitude of 700 meters (roughly 2300 ft), it is the typical Alsatian village in the Vosges, with the farms surrounded by fruit trees and prairies where cows, a breed called Vosges cattle, peacefully graze in an area stretching from  the magnificent viewpoints overlooking the range of high Vosges Mountains and the plains of Alsace.

Our favorite place is the Espace des Métiers du Bois et Patrimoine (wood craft and landmark area), where volunteer tour guides demonstrate live, right before your eyes, old-fashioned woodworking machines. Don’t miss going to the gift shop, to offer yourself some quality wooden objects and toys, 100 % « Made in France »

A number of walking paths goes through the village that allows you to discover incredible remains of the Hohnack, the highest fortified castle in Alsace!

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An impressive collection of wooden objects in Labaroche
wood turner ; labaroche ; alsace
Jacques will be happy to give you a demonstration!

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