A Must-see place is Kientzheim !!

You will seduced by its charm, its blossoms and the calm of its quaint streets. Take the tour of its fortifications to discover the numerous Alsatian village houses. The 16th century castle is home to the St Etienne Brotherhood, a viticultural brotherhood containing an underground enoteca with 60,000 bottles, including some  vintage ones  dating  back as far back as  1834  up until today !

Find the winery and Alsatian wine museum in an annex of a castle.  There is a  legend  that says the famous vintage pinot gris  grape( once called ‘tokay’) would have been brought to Alsace by the Baron Lazare de Schwendi in 15th century,  then established in the county. Kientzheim has since become the birthplace of the Alsatian Pinot Gris.



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