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La signalétique utilisée sur les sentiers vosgiens
Signs on the Vosges Mountains

The Kaysersberg valley, it isn’t only the vines, it is also the mountains! The Vosges Mountains stretch over half of the valley’s territory. A massif, made up of a pine tree forest and mountain ranges, offers numerous possibilities of hikes.  More than 600 km (372 miles) of paths are marked with boundries in the Kaysersberg Valley for the pleasure of the hikers.

From the paths specifically made for strollers/pushchairs to the ones for the most experienced, from the mountain lakes to the paths through the vines, from old stones to colorful forests, we never do the same outing twice in the Kaysersberg valley.

Even if the Vosges mountain range is one of the best marked and clearly defined  routes, here is some information for trekking in security :

The signs use colored geometric forms:

• The long trails (GR) are always marked by red triangles. It is the case of GR5 which goes    through our valley and that connects the North Sea (Holland) to the Mediterranean Sea ( Nice).

•The inter-departmental paths are indicated by diamonds

•The circular paths are marked by circles.

•The shorter hikes are marked by triangles, crosses or fixed markers

Nevertheless you should have an IGN map or a topo-guide (on sale in our offices or you can download it from our website.)

Tour guides for mountains of Terre de Sylphe and Guillaume Brocker "vers les cimes" are available to you. They offer you outings for all levels and with them, you can discover the history, the wildlife and the plants of the massif.

Finally, if camping is tolerated, campfires are strictly forbidden and dogs must be on a leash.

Beautiful trails in the Valley of Kaysersberg ! 

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