Here we feel the essence of the « pays welche » (Welche country) !

Fréland is one of seven  mountain villages in the pays welche, with typical characteristics  in our « upper » valley ( 435 meters or around 1400 feet in altitude) : it stretches along the Weiss River and it is made up of  hamlets and isolated farms surrounded by fruit trees and prairies. The milk, cheese and honey productions are passed on from one generation to the next.

Fréland is proud of its landmarks and its « Welche » culture, which could qualify as being Roman even though the rest of Alsace in the heart of a Germanic environment. The « Maison du pays Welsche » trys to preserve its traditions and let you discover them!  Enthusiastic and very knowledgeable guides will show you the arts and traditions of this

«  little country », Alsatian county where we speak the Roman dialect called “Welche

Numerous walking paths go through the village including an international  GR5 trek which  a regional  discovery paths and its surrounding nature.


Roue à aube, Fréland, musée, pays welche, vallée de Kaysersberg, Alsace, patrimoine
Paddle wheel at Fréland
guide, musée, pays welche, Fréland, vallée de Kaysersberg, Alsace
Fascinating guides at the welche country museum
Fréland, paysage, pays welche, Alsace
Fréland and its green meadows

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