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Climbing on Hans Boulder - Lac Blanc

The mountaineering (or rock climbing) is a complete discipline that necessitates dexterity and agility. It can be done in the Kaysersberg Valley in Alsace, next to Lac Blanc, but be aware only the well experiences can rub alongside it or needs to be accompanied by an experienced guide. The Vosges Mountains contains a number of climbing sites. From the Alsatian side like the Lorraine, whether you are beginners or very experienced you will find to your liking.

In our valley, it’s Hans Boulder, near Orbey where equipped paths are located. They overlook Lac Blanc and offer you an exceptional panorama. But these granite paths deserve it! In fact, the access is made by a steep path then opens up to a view on the lake.

The itineraries spread out perfectly on a fractured boulder. The athletic paths predominate; they can go up many lengths on a variety of rises.

We can perceive different levels of difficulty, going from 4b to 7c+ and indexed in a topo-climbing (in the book by Jacques Dreyer ‘Est’calades des Vosges du Sud"). For the buffs, the topo is explicit enough. On the opposite side, if you are a novice, we can recommend to respect the safety requirements or to use a guide to mountain climbing.

Are you a novice? Make the most of some advice before you go out or ask a guide!


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