The Barefoot Path

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The Barefoot Activity, a family activity at Lac Blanc

Barefoot a family activity at Lac Blanc

A unique experience, shoeless in the forest..

Entrall the five senses so that you can enjoy a show just as good as a Disney cartoon….the birds chirping, the tender green leaves of the trees which surround you, the passages are soft and surprising for your little feet, the feeling of the undergrowth and the inimitable taste of the Vosges wonders. It is like a dream, isn’t it?

All this is within a hand’s reach or more likely, a foot! The Barefoot Path at Lac Blanc is a specially adapted forest path. You can walk without shoes on a path 1,2km (about ¾ of a mile). Natural forest ground but also with sand, pebbles, gravel, wood, wood chips, paving stones, pine cones and some tree bark etc. So many occasions to experiment some new sensations.

Numerous fun, sensory and educational workshops complete the experience: skill-based games about a discovery of nature. Children love it!

For more information, don’t hesitate to go on the website of the barefoot path at Lac Blanc.

Lac Blanc Aventures - Bare foot path

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    In the heart of the Vosges Mountains, between the wine road and the Crest road, close to the adventure park take off your shoes and experience the nature.
    With family or friends enjoy this activity.

    You walk 1,2km barefoot on the ground of the forest but also on various materials such as sand, gravels, stones, wood, barks, pinecones and ever on a small river.

    At the reception you can find lockers for shoes and a water point in order to wash you feet after walking barefoot.


    Our expert advice

    Your 5 senses will be awake during this walk in the forest, another way to hike but without shoes.

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