Kaysersberg Valley in Alsace

Wow ! How this valley is so green ! Mother Nature’s habitat made with a human dimension!

Alsace finds itself in perfect harmony. The region continues to enchant by its natural beauty: the vineyards that ascend onto the hills, the chestnut trees that slowly go down the mountains, the forests from which emerge the sweeping lines of thatched roofs and in the background, the Hautes Vosges Mountains facing the boulders.

People talk about the “lower” and the “upper” sections of the valley. The “lower” section has oceanic influences and benefits from a hot, sunny and dry semi-continental climate and thus being the favored choice for the vineyards. In contrast to the “upper” section of the valley called the “canton vert” (the green district), has much ruder climate with lots of rain and violent winds. The winters are cold and snowy.

This part of the country has lots of history. Every century has left a trace here. The valley has traces of the Celts, Romans, some Middle Ages’ ruins and architectural splendors of the Rhine Renaissance. Although the Alsatian dialect is often spoken in the vineyards, the Roman dialect still resonates in the Pays Welche (The Welsh Country).

The winemakers make their ‘grands crus’ while the “mountaineers “make cheese and “eau de vie “. The surprising chemistry of these two regional products give the valley its personality and its unique atmosphere. Its inhabitants perpetuate the ancient traditions, maintaining their passion the hiking paths, and guiding with pleasure the hikers who are seeking a spring or a castle.

The towns of the Kaysersberg Valley :

Ammerschwihr, Fréland, Katzenthal, Kaysersberg, Kientzheim, Labaroche, Lapoutroie, Le Bonhomme, Orbey, Sigolsheim.

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