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Exhibition - Trails sacred art - Faces and contemplations

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41rue du Général De Gaulle
Église Sainte-Croix
68240Kaysersberg Vignoble
Painting, sculpture and photography reveal themselves in the heart of a sacred religious site. The artists draw inspiration from biblical texts for each of their works.

As part of the Chemins d'art sacré (Trail of Sacred Art), the ‘Visages et contemplations’ (Faces and Contemplations) exhibition is unveiled in the heart of the Sainte Croix church.

‘Alexandre Lamarque's sculptures offer a way of experiencing spirituality through matter, in a body of clay. He creates faces that bring peace, but also joy and questioning. The closed eyes allow the interiority... No matter the beliefs or the cultural differences, the faith in humanity allows the heart to shine in oneself. Together, in a space of tranquillity and silence. To be 'one', unique and unified, and in the midst of others as with Christ in this church in Kaysersberg. No longer a slave to time, this becomes the great inner adventure.

Candice Léonore invites you on a photographic journey through the outside world. Each photo was taken in a specific place in the world, at a specific moment in time. These twelve photos have a particular resonance. Pressing the shutter release on your camera as if to freeze a particular emotion, a precise moment, to be sure of keeping that moment with you. Capturing the moment, marvelling at it, contemplating the vast beauty of the world, and then remembering that moment in time once the photo has been taken.
colour, freshness and delicacy.

Walter Ciandrini works his human figures in ink and pastel. Lines and flat areas of colour bring the figures to life. He paints faces, busts and silhouettes that multiply to emphasise their reality, which is as much an open window as a mirror. His characters call out to us, and yet remain mysterious. Their gazes are turned inwards, towards the transcendent, but they are also present to the group. He does not seek the natural or the real, a kind of purity or ideal, but rather the reality of emotions.

Upcoming dates

From 21/06/2024 to 15/10/2024
From Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 18:00

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