The Inns and the Farmhouse Inns

Feel like tasting our local and traditional cuisine, in an idyllic post card setting? So rendezvous in one of the mountain farmhouse inns!

Our valley has about a dozen, all well-known for their marvelous environment. Imagine yourself at the edge of grazing prairies sitting at a table in the mountain forest, or on a panoramic terrace contemplating this magnificent scenery that the Vosges Mountains offer. You will only have to take advantage of the joyful and festive atmosphere that prevail, in order to experience a convivial moment à l’alsacienne (the Alsatian way)!

Here, the privilege of discovering a plentiful, deeply rooted cuisine in the local cuisine will be bestowed unto you, by tasting a « famous farmhouse meal ». A plentiful dish, prepared with the same old fashioned know-how and especially 100% local!

Au menu:

On the menu

-Appetizer : a soup and a part of a tourte ( a kind of pie) of the valley

-Main dish : some smoked pork ( this is called a kassler) accompanied by some « roïgabrageldi » ( potatoes, lard, butter, onions and some other ingredients put into a casserole and cooked  for hours) and all with a cold  glass of wine, Riesling or Pinot Blanc.

And to finish, a piece of Munster cheese, a piece of blueberry pie and/or white farmer cheese (almost like a cream cheese but with a sharper flavor) with a splash of Kirsch ( le siesskas) Difficult to resist it !

Don’t forget to go by the cheese shop before leaving in order to bring a few local products who will only prolong this good time.

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