Delights and treats

Unthinkable to come to Alsace without letting yourself and your taste buds experience traditional Alsatian dishes!

Some of these dishes include :  the Bretzel ( pretzel) and Tarte Flambée ( a thin dough, baked in a  pizza oven  with onions, a cream sauce, and with lard (bacon) on it) to share between friends, around a  micro brewed beer at the aperitif, Choucroute ( a dish with sour kraut and different kinds of  pork sausages) or a Backaeoffe (‘ baked oven’ ) a dish with vegetables and meat that is baked in a traditional Alsatian casserole) served with a glass of Riesling in one of our warm winstubs, Munster cheese, and a farm meal in order to be comforted in a  farmhouse-inn in the mountains,  Christmas cookies called Bredelas with a cup of coffee during the Christmas period…..

And to help you to digest, you won’t be outdone with the eaux-de-vie liqueurs and other Schnaps in the region!

Certainly, there a thousand different ways to discover Alsace and to do it through its gastronomy is a great way! Go, I hope that you are hungry, I will explain everything!


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