A Wine Grower Interlude : the "Parenthèse Vigneronne"

Do you know the Grands crus of Alsace? Do you feel like having a real meeting with our winegrowers? A real experience with Alsatian wines, well beyond all that you already know?

So the wine grower interlude is made for you! Whether you are novice or professional, our winegrowers committed to share their love of making Alsatian wine with you!

Push open the door to our wine cellars, come meet the men and women, wine growers, who have known to reveal with passion this exceptional wine of pure and intense harmonies.        

Be easily  taken in by the Grands Crus, created by a subtle alliance of natural energies and knowhow of men…Share this moment with a moment of privilege around a tasting of original and exception wines.

And if your curiosity or your epicureanism pushes you, prolong the experience: let yourself enjoy a break with a discovery of an authentic dishes rich in flavors in perfect harmony with some local Grands Crus, a secret alchemy that unites  mysteriously these jewels from the same local produce.

An authentic experience, a moment of sharing and conviviality, a rare occasion to wake up your senses, in the heart of the Kaysersberg Valley, in Alsace.


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