Weather: a section that makes rain and sunshine!

In the valley of Kaysersberg people have in their hearts the sun that they don't have outside.

Because of its geographical location in the east, Alsace is often seen as a cold region. However, far from the Epinal imagery of a polar region with eternal ice, the Alsatian climate is semi-continental. No polar bears in our region.

It is true that the winter can be harsh and snowy, especially on the summits. We will not lie to you by saying that the spring is sometimes rainy. However Alsace is also known for its white wines. Even in this northern region, the grape varieties need sun and warmth to ripen and reveal their precious nectar. Thus the vineyard, protected by the Vosges Mountains, benefits from a good amount of sunshine and rather dry weather. Colmar, at the gateway to the Kaysersberg valley, is considered to be one of the driest towns in France.

Spring, with its very pleasant temperatures and days leaving little room for night, is followed by summer, often hot and dry. Autumn allows the summer season to last longer and pushes back the first frosts with ardour. It is the season of blazing colours that line the leaves of trees and vines. The winter, which puts nature to sleep, sometimes falls with a dry cold over the region. But the summits of the Vosges mountains, which are covered in their white mantle, are ideal for winter sports.

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