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How would you like to have real-time advice on activities and events not to be missed during your stay, right there in your pocket? How cool is that?
We have THE solution: our friend Liesel, the little Alsatian, gives you her recommendations when you are already here in Alsace. It's like having a well-informed friend always with you!

Discover the website of your holidays in Alsace! Go to the website to find all the activities you want to do. Whether you want to let off steam, discover postcard Alsace, take advantage of current events, delve into the history of Alsace or be surprised, Liesel always has ideas for you!
Activate the geolocation, choose a date and a desire, Liesel will be happy to present you with her selection!

The little extra?

We only offer you places that are open (yes, we checked!) and selected by Liesel on the basis of the enlightened advice of experts from the tourist offices!

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