Hiking tour - from Kaysersberg to Kientzheim through the vineyards

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    39rue du Général de Gaulle
    68240Kaysersberg Vignoble


    The vineyards offer exceptional landscapes with their typical villages and endless expanses. How about enjoying these breathtaking views on an easy walk through the vineyards? From Kaysersberg, follow the famous route of Santiago de Compostela. Travel, contemplate and enjoy what passes before your astonished eyes. The ultimate reward for this walk is Kientzheim: the only Alsatian village that is still entirely surrounded by ramparts. You will be seduced by its authenticity, its quietness and its rich heritage. There is so much to discover that the time spent strolling through this pretty town subconsciously extends this short 5km tour.

    Our favourites of the walk:

    • to walk through the vineyards
    • to enjoy the picturesque view over the Alsace plain
    • to stroll through Kientzheim

    Dates and times

    From dimanche 1 janvier 2023 au dimanche 31 décembre 2023
    • Lundi Mardi Mercredi Jeudi Vendredi Samedi Dimanche à 00:00


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    Parking Porte Basse

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