Hiking tour - panoramic tour by the Gazon du Faing

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    Parking Gazon du Faing
    68370Station du Lac Blanc


    A leisurely stroll, little time to spare or a desire to walk (but not for too long)? This easy trail is for you. In no time at all, discover all the richness of the high altitude landscapes with breathtaking panoramas.

    Along the route des crêtes between the Lac Blanc resort and the Col de la Schlucht, stop at the car park near the Auberge du Gazon du Faing. As soon as you park, you can see the magnificent landscapes that await you. Take the panoramic path marked with the green circle. The markings will remain the same throughout your walk. Climb towards the ridge. At the top, the panorama will make you forget the climb. Stop for a moment and contemplate the view. Below, the trout lake with the Munster valley in the background. In the background, the Alsace plain stretches as far as the Black Forest. By chance, you may see the Bernese Alps.

    Continue walking on your left. On the way, an orientation table will help you to identify the direction of major cities and other peaks. Continue to the summit "Gazon du Faing" at 1306m. You can boast that you have reached this altitude in no time.

    Head back down towards Lac Blanc before turning left at the next junction. The way back crosses a natural moor of callune and blueberries, a real paradise.

    You don't need to spend hours on the trails to be amazed. A small tour, but a great pleasure for the eyes guaranteed!


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    Parking Gazon du Faing

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