Hiking trail - Massif de la Tête des Faux

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    Col du Calvaire
    68370Station du Lac Blanc


    (The walking time indicated does not include breaks). Leave the beaten track of the lakes to explore the Tête des Faux massif, which holds many treasures. This tour is a perfect combination of history and nature. From the Col du Calvaire car park, follow the GR5 signs towards the Duchesne crossroads. After about half an hour's walk from the start on a flat path, you will reach the first point of interest on this walk: the Duchesne cemetery. In the heart of the forest, this place of remembrance of the First World War has a special atmosphere, sometimes even mystical depending on the weather. Take the time to read the information panel to understand the tragic events that took place in this massif.  

    Continue on your route, still following the red rectangle. After a slightly steeper section along the muleteers' path, you will reach the top of the Tête des Faux, where many remains remain (barbed wire, German and French forts, chevaux de frise etc.). A chilling place that transports you back to a time when enemy fire and the blood of men replace the singing of birds and the pretty blue-black hue of today's wild blueberries.

    Continue your tour downhill towards the Etang du Devin. A completely different atmosphere awaits you. This protected area invites you to contemplate and daydream. Let your mind enjoy a deep state of well-being in this enchanting place. Everything exudes peace and quiet.

    Continue on your way. The walk continues with the green circle. Along the way, you will discover many remnants of the war. Then, you will come out on a balcony where a splendid view on Orbey, the plain of Alsace and the Black Forest will be offered to you.

    Continue with the red cross where you will find the Duchesne cemetery before continuing with the green circle/yellow rectangle signposting which will take you back to the starting point. This last stage takes you to the Tête des Immerlins before returning to the car park.


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    Col du Calvaire

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