The city of the 3 blackbirds

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    A former royal farm belonging to the Frankish king Lothaire II, Amalrici Villare was transformed into a town during the 14th century by bringing together the villages of Ammerschwihr, Meywiller and Katzenwiller.

    Today, only the town of Ammerschwihr remains, which preserves the traces of its past under the jurisdiction of the Holy Roman Empire, then of the Ribeaupierre family and finally of the Holandsberg family, which can be seen in the town: the tower of the burghers, the high gate (or tower of the storks), the chapel of Saint Wendelin...

    The town has survived the years and wars (Armagnac invasion, Thirty Years' War, Lorraine invasion...) to finally blossom in the 18th century thanks to wine growing.

    Ammerschwihr saw the birth of several generations of famous organ builders in the 18th century, and owes its economic development mainly to its famous Kaefferkopf, a hill that produces the exceptional grapes used to create the Grand Cru of the same name, and Wineck-Shlossberg, which it shares with the neighbouring commune of Katzenthal.

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