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    Discover all the secrets of the production of spirits in Lapoutroie! Former post office of the 18th century, this museum houses a unique collection in the world of some 300 bottles of liqueurs and brandies made in France in the 1950s. Lovers of liquors and spirits will learn:

    - The history of their favorite drinks.

    - Their mode of manufacture.

    - How to consume them and the influence of History on this production following the separation of Church and State in France.

    - The role of absinthe in colonial conquests, without forgetting the relationship between alcohol and artists, the army, medicine ... 

    A museum that looks like an alchemist's laboratory and you shouldn't hesitate to walk through the door. If you cannot get around, an online store is available on the website. Screen reader compatibility is enabled.



    From the 8th of May 2022 until the end of June, discover a collection of almost 300 screen-printed bottles on numerous themes:

    A series on hunting, a series on animals, the bicentenary of the French Revolution, Beaujolais Nouveau, painters, Champagnes...

    They will be exhibited on the first floor of the Museum, in the former hayloft of the Relais de Poste stables.

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