The Faudé tower



    It is located at 773 meters high. It was built for the first time in 1891 in order to serve as an observation tower. In 1915, the belvedere serving the German Army succumbed under French shells. The tower was rebuilt and inaugurated in 1934, but it became a strategic point during the Second World War and collapsed again in 1944 under German shell fire. In 2002, through an association, a third turn was created, identical to the previous one. Tradition reports that by digging on a spur of the necessary, the "Tchénor" which could mean "charnier", whereas it was translated simply by "black dog", many skeletons would have been found formerly. In 1879, a team of researchers uncovered human remains and a Gallo-Roman idol that could be the "false God" to which the mountain owes its name.

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    Altitude (m)
    773 m
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