Former Franciscan convent - Statue of Jean Geiler

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    Rue du Couvent
    68240Kaysersberg Vignoble


    The Franciscans settled in Kaysersberg for nearly 150 years and took up residence in the town's convent, which later took their name. During the French Revolution, the Franciscans left the town for good and the convent was put at the disposal of the army, then sold at auction in 1796. Since then, the church and the old cloister are part of the hospital residence of the town of Kaysersberg, and a mass is held every two weeks on Wednesdays for the residents as well as for outsiders. The statue of Jean Geiler stands on the square of the same name, just in front of the old convent. This famous character, preacher at the cathedral of Strasbourg, knew perfectly how to galvanize the crowds.

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