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    Rue du Général de Gaulle
    68240Kaysersberg Vignoble


    The city of Kaysersberg is crossed in its center by the Weiss, a river 24 kilometers long. In order to connect the old town with the upper town, which is cut off by this river, a first wooden construction was built. In 1514, a fortified stone bridge was built to prevent enemy incursions across the river.

    The bridge was equipped on both sides with loopholes and parapets pierced with archers and gun ports. In the middle of the bridge you can also find an aedicule (small chapel), which houses a polychrome statue of the Virgin and Child. Before the statue was placed there, the inhabitants responsible for minor offenses were locked up there, making them the laughing stock of the city.

    Take the pedestrian walkway to the left of the Badhus for the best view of the bridge.

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