Military cemetery of Wettstein

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    The Wettstein military cemetery is situated in the heart of a peaceful forest, at 877 meters altitude and 10 km away from the village of Orbey.
    It covers an area of 9902 square meters where 3538 French soldiers rests in peace, divided between 2171 tombs and 2 ossuaries gathering 1288 bodies.
    Few kilometres away there is the Linge summit – front line between German and French armies during the First World War. There were bitterly fights during 1915: 17 000 French and German soldiers, often only 20 years old, were injured or killed.

    Since the beginning of the fights, the current location is used as a basement for French mountain regiments, but also as a provisory cemetery. Because of the violence of the battles some bodies are forever buried. Only a part of the French fighters are buried.

    The Wettstein militery cemetery has been named national necropolis at the end of the war.

    At the end of the cemetery there is an imposing granite cross (13 meters high), which recalls the seriousness of the place and the enormous suffering endured by these young men.

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