The giant gourmet in Lapoutroie - Treasure hunt

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41rue du général Dufieux


Guéllef, a young greedy and clumsy giant, is visiting Lapoutroie. Attracted by the smells of Grandma Anna's house, Rose and Louis' grandmother, he enters the house and rummages around looking for a snack. But then he spills the pepper... and sneezes so hard that everything flies away: kitchen utensils, ingredients, recipes... Grandma Anna finds Guéllef crying. To console him, she decides to make tchic and vaouthe de dameuches, specialties of the Welche country. But to do this, she must find the recipes, ingredients and utensils. Accompany Rose and Louise in their gourmet quest.

This treasure hunt will take you on a varied route punctuated with beautiful views of the village of Lapoutroie.

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Length of visit/event
1h30 min
Prices (events, products, etc.)
Gratuit - Livret dans les bureaux de l'office de tourisme, la médiathèque de Lapoutroie.


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