Geode - Journey under the dome

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Rue du Général de Gaulle
68240Kaysersberg VignobleCours du Château de Kaysersberg


As part of the Heritage Days, the Kaysersberg Valley Tourist Office
and the route of the fortified castles of Alsace offers you an unforgettable journey to your senses!

Lying down or standing up, you will be transported by a 360° projected film.

Experience an adventure that will take you from the dark and misty forests of conifers to the mysterious bowels of the castles of Alsace.

Along the way, discover the endemic fauna and flora, the strange creatures of the undergrowth, in the form of animated sketches.

The 360° projection (duration 6 min) takes place under a tent (or geodesic dome) plunged into darkness.

Frequency and capacity: 1 session every 10 minutes, with a maximum of 5 people at the same time under the tent, in application of the health regulations.


Useful Information

Organised by
Office de Tourisme vallée de Kaysersberg - Alsace terre de châteaux forts
Opening hours
11 am
Length of visit/event
15 min
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