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Rue de Ploudaniel
68240FrelandPloudaniel Street


Lovers of speed and DIY? This day is made for you!
Get on board your car and race down the streets of Fréland during this second edition of the soapbox race.

Two possible races:

- the soapboxes approved by the FIRCAS for the timed races counting for the classification of the Alsace championship.

- the folkloric cases that you can build yourself for the non-timed races.


If you want to build your own folkloric crate, you will need :

- a whole floor
- 3 or 4 wheels
- a steering without too much play
- no sharp corners and nothing sharp
- a well fixed seat with a backrest
- very good brakes (if 2 wheels with brakes, put them mainly on the rear wheels)
- 1 ring of 2,5cm diameter on the front and the back of the body to be able to hang the strap for the lifts.
- 1 strap of 1,5m minimum and solid (1 ton) provided with 2 karabiners 300kg minimum to be pulled during the ascents.

For all the people climbing in the crates, you need
- 1 helmet
- 1 long pants
- long sleeves
- gloves
- closed shoes with a covering on the foot.

For the framing of the case:
We leave it to your imagination, of course trying to make it solid to participate all day.

If you don't have an approved soapbox, you can rent one from the FIRCAS.


- Race counting for the Alsace championship: (FIRCAS approved soapbox)

o Registration : 10€ (for the race)

o Compulsory day license: 15€ (adults) or 8€ (5 to 16 years old)

Possibility of renting a box for the day:

- 40€ for adults

- 30€ for children

--> The rental includes the license, the rental and the registration for the day

- Race with a folkloric crate : (not timed)

o Registration : 2€ (not timed)

o Compulsory day license : 6€ (5 to 16 years old) and 8€ (adults)

o No rental for this category

Food and drinks on the course and in the village hall.

Information, rules and registration on the FIRCAS website.

Useful Information

Organised by
Foyer Club of Fréland
Opening hours
9 am to 6 pm
Length of visit/event
All day
Prices (events, products, etc.)
Free admission for spectators. To participate, registration is required on the Fircas website
Booking necessary
Disabled access


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