Guided tour - The secrets of the Alsatian language

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39Rue du Général de Gaulle
Place de l'hôtel de ville
68240Kaysersberg VignobleTown hall place


During an unusual guided tour of Kaysersberg, Caroline invites you to discover Alsatian: a language which is both truculent and wise, just like the Alsatians who hide great sensibilities under their joking airs.

This visit allows you to understand that Alsatian is a language that is often imitated but never equalled, all this in good humour and participation!

This is not a visit in the Alsatian language.

Booking is compulsory, maximum 5 people. The visit takes place for a minimum of 2 people.

Useful Information

Organised by
Tourist office
Opening hours
On booking
Length of visit/event
1h30 min
Prices (events, products, etc.)
20 € per person


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