Parenthèse Vigneronne : Cheeses and Grands Crus

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Vins d'Alsace Meyer Krumb
68240Kaysersberg VignobleVins d'Alsace Meyer Krumb


Do you want to surprise your taste buds? This winegrower's parenthesis will seduce you!

What products are more characteristic of France than wine and cheese? 

Let's sweep away preconceived ideas, the association of the latter is not reserved for red wines. In Sigolsheim (Kaysersberg-Vignoble), the Meyer-Krumb family is taking the gamble to make you discover perfect matches between Alsace white wines and local cheeses, for the greatest pleasure of your taste buds! 

Aurélie, a winegrower's daughter, in partnership with a farmer from Fréland, is now a master at matching munsters and other cooked cheeses. 

After a visit to the cellar, she will serve you her Grands Crus, made from the best mountain cheeses, in the intimate setting of the family's private wine library.

She has managed to create a subtle balance between her wines, matured on the estate, and the cheeses of the Kaysersberg valley.

Gewurztraminer and other Riesling, combined with the cheeses, will dazzle novice tasters and the most initiated palates with an explosive combination of aromas in the mouth. 

By reservation only.

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Organised by
Tourist office of Vallée de Kaysersberg
Opening hours
10:30 hrs
Length of visit/event
Prices (events, products, etc.)
25€ per people


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