Bike race - Les loupiots

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Long des remparts - stade Jean Ritzenthaler
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Learning to ride a bike without wheels ( 3 to 5 years )

It is through play and the implementation of playful situations that your child will learn to balance on his bike. He will be able to access the first pedals by evolving on more and more complex terrains. He will master step by step, starting, braking, avoiding and pedalling.

Required equipment: Bike + Helmet / Weatherproof clothing.

The child will be able to evolve during the cycle from one group to another according to his or her abilities,
even if this does not correspond to the initial age in the Loupiot, Biclou and
A change of location may be proposed, in particular for reasons of
weather-related security.
We will also adapt the content according to the expectations and abilities of the students.

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Initial registration fee of 8 euros cours Loupiot : 14€/session
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