Run of memories "les foulées du souvenir"

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Rue des écoles
Salle polyvalente
68370OrbeyMulti purpose hall (1 pm)/ Col du Wettstein (2 pm)


After a successful first edition last year, the Foulées du Souvenir are back this year with two trails of 9.5km and 27.8km, going through the memorial sites of the First World War.

Discover through two trail routes the places of memory of the Battle of the Linge. 

It is a great opportunity to discover the Vosges Mountains and the hiking trails in and around Orbey in a new light. 

Events :

9,5km : (390m positive elevation) - Start a 2pm. from Col du Wettstein - 15 € (18€ since 1st November)

27,5km (1260m positive elevation) - Start a 1pm. from the « salle polyvalente » in Orbey - 25 € (28€ since 1st November)

Meal after the trail (lasagne - salad - desert) - 8 €

Registration on the sporkrono. website.


Useful Information

Organised by
Trophey of the Vosges
Opening hours
Departures at 1 and 2pm
Length of visit/event
Prices (events, products, etc.)
From 15 € to 28€
Booking necessary
Free parking for cars


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