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Col du Calvaire
68370Station du Lac BlancCol du Calvaire, Lac Blanc 1200


As part of World Snow Day, in partnership with the Vosges Massif Ski Committee, the Lac Blanc resort, the Bonhomme ski club organizes a day of telemark initiation at the Lac Blanc 1200 resort.

Conditions of participation : 

  • ski down a blue slope with ease.
  • or cross-country skiing
  • provide a lift map for the ski lift
  • The equipment is provided as well as the insurance.

Telemark skiing uses boots and bindings that are attached to the front of the foot only. The heel of the boot is never attached to the ski, hence its well-known name "free-heel skiing", which perfectly describes the choice of techniques available with the latest telemark equipment. 

This initiation is free of charge, including insurance. To make the most of it, you must be able to ski down gentle slopes but off the marked trails (uncompacted snow) in complete safety. The supervision will be provided by qualified instructors

For this activity, meet up in front of the tent at the arrival of the lift at Lac Blanc 1200. 

Useful Information

Organised by
Ski Club of Le Bonhomme
Opening hours
9 am - 4 pm
Length of visit/event
All day
Prices (events, products, etc.)
Free parking for cars


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