Orientieering - Expert route (orange)

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Le Blancrupt
Lac Blanc 1200
68370Station du Lac BlancParking du Blancrupt


Orientieering - Expert route

Orientation, a child's play? Not always with this circuit classified "Orange".
The orientation is knowing how to find a map, read a legend, follow a route, find the tags, and this as quickly as possible. A playful discipline that combines the head and the legs!
If the blue circuit seemed easy, then you can try the orange circuit.
But beware, card reading is essential to not get lost and make many detours.
The compass becomes necessary and the beacons are located in the countryside at a good distance from the trails.
Beginners abstain if you want it to remain a pleasure!
Cards for sale (1 €) at the Blancrupt Inn (departure of the circuits) or in the offices of the tourist office.
Be careful before visiting the site, remember to check the opening of outlets especially off season.

Useful Information

Length of visit/event
1h30 min


Altitude (m)
1100 m
SatNav Coordinates
Calcul d'itinéraire

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