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Route de Labaroche
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Through the vineyards of the Kaefferkopf, the cultural and festive association of Ammerschwihr proposes a gourmet walk on a 9 kilometer route accessible to all. A traditional or vegetarian meal is offered. The walk will be marked out by 7 stages:

1 Aperitif Alsatian aperitif ball or ball without meat.
2 Tartar of scallops with passion vinegar and ginger splinters, or tartar of Mediterranean vegetables
3 Wine tasting
4 Main course : pork cheek stew confit with pinot noir, or vegetable pancake with oatmeal, gratin dauphinois with broccoli and carrots,
5 Wine tasting
6 Cheeses: 3 matured cheeses from the St Nicolas Colmar cheese factory.
7 Dessert: Verrine with seasonal fruits.

For children from 5 years old:
Alsatian twist, ham tartar with small vegetables and kiri, stewed pork cheeks confit with pinot noir, gratin dauphinois, 3 cheeses, verrine with seasonal fruits

For the little ones
Alsatian twist, ham tartar with small vegetables and kiri, gratin dauphinois, slice of smoked palette, verrine with seasonal fruits.

A drink is offered on return.

Useful Information

Organised by
Association Culturelle et Festive d'Ammerschwihr
Opening hours
Starts between 10.30 am to 1 pm
Length of visit/event
Prices (events, products, etc.)
35€/adult. 15€/(children 6 to 15 years). On booking.
Booking necessary
Free parking for cars


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