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The Vosges mountains have a hidden magical treasure... From the rocks and the trees can spring an elf and a fairy. From the surface of the limpid water can appear suddenly a mysterious face from a fairy. And in the secret of the valley, some people have sometimes mysterious powers. Cheerful histories and enchanting which whisper the stream...
It's this legendary World that Stéphane Herrada offer you all the Summer long.
Evening, at 9 pm, the Thursdays, Fridays and the Saturdays : you will comfortably and calm sit of a straw bale, under cover of a barn. After the tale, a little Tasting of lokal produkts  of the farm. Tale Walk on Sunday, but before you go, a little tasting of lokal produkts of the farm, to take strength and courage.
Thursdays, Fridays and the Saturdays : picnic with lokal pordukts of the farm (sale on the spot) from 7:30pm to 8:30pm.

Useful Information

Organised by
Farm Pierrevelcin
Opening hours
9 pm Thu-Sat. (Picnic: 7.30pm) / 4.30pm Sunday
Length of visit/event
1h30 min
Prices (events, products, etc.)
8€/adults. 5€/ -16 Year
Booking necessary


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